Saturday, June 5, 2010

Second Week in Roma

It is Friday June 4, 2010, 11:47 pm. It’s our second week here in Rome and it has gone by quite fast. Even though it seems that we've done a lot here and have seen so much, there is still much more to see and do. Since I've been here I've already taken in so much. Many events have occurred like the Day of the Italian Republic that was this past Wednesday. Is was great being a part of this day and watching the parade. Different groups of the military and the Italian president marched down the Via Dei Fori Imperiali, right along the Coliseum. It was amazing! What a long parade it was but quite an experience. So many people showed up to this parade and getting out of this area was a little bit of a hassle but we managed to stumble right out of the crowed.

I don’t think this has ever happened to me before, it just had to happen to me in Roma, but maybe it was a good thing. Well, you might think that this is just unfortunate but think again. As a group of us were walking back to our flats from the parade that same day, I felt a splash coming down from the sky and Jonique who was behind me saw the splash too but she couldn’t quite point it out. This all happened in a split second and as soon as I turned to my left shoulder I saw a little puddle of Wight bird poop sitting on my black t-shirt. It was discussing and I yelled out loud, "gross!" Yes, everyone laughed a little bit and Nicole quickly got a paper towel and whipped it off her me. Thank you Nicole! An Italian older man saw the whole thing and as soon as he walked passed me he said "good fortune" in Italian, "good fortune." I didn’t know what he meant at the time but Jonique told me he said good fortune and when a bird poops on you it means good fortune Italy. Well, I guess I'm a lucky one then.

Later that night, Sarah, Nicole, Jonique, and I had all purchased our monthly metro tickets and we thought to stop somewhere we haven’t been before, so we picked the San Giovanni stop. There arent very many tourist sights around here but we did see many shops. We even had one of the greatest cappuccinos in this area. It was only a euro and very sweet with just the right amount of crème. We walked and talked through the streets of Rome, sipping our cappuccinos. It was great!

This day was quite eventful and everyday is like this. Everyday we discover something new. I love being here and being around the people that I'm with.

Crystal Holguin


  1. Crystal, I am so glad that you and your flat buddies are adventurous and have explored many areas. The picture of the cappucino you posted looks absolutely delicious, yummy! Am glad the bird pooped on you, seems like LUCK is on your side. (ha, ha, ha) - Stella

  2. Sounds like you are all having a fantastic time! The blog looks great - I was entertained. Keep the stories coming. After the bird incident, I don't think I need to wish you luck.