Friday, June 25, 2010

Grocery shopping in Rome by Crystal Hernandez

Rome was a challenge in itself.  Changing worlds isn't easy to adjust to and one sometimes thinks that some things will remain the same.  One of these expectations was grocery shopping.  The first few days the excitement of being in a new place makes you want to go out and sample the great, much heard of cuisine.  Very quickly one realizes that is not very cost effective.  However, no one thought that grocery shopping could be a completely different experience.  First thing I learned was how to pick your veggies and fruits out.  Cashiers do not weigh them for you.  The process begins by grabbing a plastic glove and a plastic bag.  Make your selection and remember the number next to the food name.  At the scale weigh the food and enter the food number where a label will print out with a barcode and specifications and price.  In the Las Cruces, we are all accustomed to selecting our food without a glove.  We do not have to worry about numbers, labels, or prices.  The second thing that I saw different was the checkout process.  At the line you specify how many plastic bags you need if any. The cashier will throw the bags to the side and start scanning.  This is when you must race to bag the items before they pile up too much.  After many grocery trips the art of bagging is perfected!  Another thing that is different is the demeanor of the cashier's as they sit on their stools.  In all my job experience as a cashier I have never had a stool.  I must say I have wished for one but understand that it would not happen.  Now that I am nearing the end of the Rome experience, I have become a quick efficient shopper.  Although it is different it works for the people here.  I am glad that I was able to see and experience something different.

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