Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roma: La Dolce Vita 24/06/10

My time here in Rome has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Thank you to all of my wonderful professors who went through countless hours of stress and anxiety. It was worth it.

Living in here in Italy was so nice. My route to school included: passing The Spanish Steps, turning right at the Trevi, and grabbing coffee across from the Pantheon. How great is that?!  Class was held right in front of the Pantheon in a room with high ceilings, beautiful wood floors, and large windows that filled the room with natural lighting.

Now taking the metro from our lovely residence at Megdalia D' Oro to the Spanish Steps area was a different story. IMPORTANT: If you don't want to be smashed up against some stranger and touched in every awkward place then make sure to be on the metro before 8:15. Any later than that and you can kiss your freshly-showered body goodbye. It took us a total of 40 min to get to class, 20 min on the metro and 20 min from the metro stop. I suggest to leave early so you can relax and enjoy the walk. The last thing you want to do here is run to school and be drenched in sweat, which happens anyway but usually in the afternoon.

Rome has many parks that are very beautiful like the Borhguese and Ginicolo Hill. The Borghese is the largest in Rome and has a pretty cool view of the city. It has all sorts of wonderful gardens that are great for taking naps in, (just be prepared for the Rose-Sellers). Ginicolo on the other hand is better visited at night because the scenic view of the city is incredible. If you don't want to take the short hike to get there, a bus runs straight to the top.

Rome was just as efficient and easy as living in any other big city. Except, I must say that the food is way higher of quality than any other city. This is because of their use of local products.

 The only thing that was an absolute pain in my side was doing my laundry. I know you laugh now, but wait until you are in a building that houses 300 students with only two washing machines! Your best friend will turn in to your biggest enemy over who's turn it is to use the washer.  So learn to hand wash or make sure to get in the laundry room super early. And for all of you who plan on taking "dry-clean only," don't do it.  At least try to limit if so, and don't go to the Dry Cleaners here. It is not the same as what we think it is and the price to have it done how we would expect is outrageous. Unless you are fluent in Italian, STAY AWAY FROM THE DRY CLEANERS! I guarantee you'll spend a small fortune end up disappointed!

Besides my laundry hassle everything was smooth sailing. Beautiful apartment, with great roommates, beautiful city, and tons of things to do every minute. Awesome sites, great dancing, and traveling to other cities is made so easy it would be crazy not to go outside of Rome.

One other tip: When choosing your roommates, choose wisely and remember you have to spend 5 weeks with these people. I was put into a flat where I didn't know anyone and it worked out great.

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