Friday, June 11, 2010


The Colosseum,
Today, the roommates and I decided to go see the Colosseum. We figured out which metro exit it wa on, and as soon as we exited the station, Bam!! The Colosseum was the first thing you saw walking outside. It took me by surprise... It was huge! Knowing that we were there, standing in front of one of the most recognized structures in the World was hard to take in. We decided to sit outside on the grass for awhile before entering. I could have sat there all day. The Colosseum was such a huege part of the Roman culture..Rich and poor would come everyday to be etertained, and it was the main event in most of their lives. Now, sitting outside, the Colesseum was stripped of all its brass and marble (used in Wars) and had holes all along the wall. It is being used for a different type of entertainment. Mcdonalds is right in front, tourists from all over the World travell to see it, and little souvenior shops are all along the walls.
It was hard to image how the structure would have looked when it was originally built. It would have beautiful! Its amazing to thing the Romans were able to build such a structure with so little resources. Sitting outside in the sun just looking at the Colosseum would have been enough for me that day! But of course we had to go inside
Once we entered we had to walk up what seemed to be a million steps until we were able to come outside. To be honest my very first impression was, "I thought it was going to be bigger!" haha. Its strange to think that back in the day this was one of the biggest arenas of its time (Now we have the Dallas Cowboy stadium) and everything in America has to be bigger and better now. Looking around the inside of the Colosseum was breathtaking though. I tried to imagine the stands filled with hundreds of people. Both rich and poor. And to think of the events that happened here (the Gladiator wars) was a bit grussome. There were so many people killed, in horrible ways, just for entertainment. I wondered if they had food stands like we do now! And what kind of food would they have sold? Lamb, and bread? haha! We walked around and read the little facts about the games held here, and saw what the gladiators would have worn when fighting. It was a great experience, and Im so lucky to be here. For now, just walking around and seeing the Colosseum was great, but I want to go back and actually take a tour and learn as much as I can!

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