Monday, June 7, 2010

Gusto in the Gusto Lab 6-1-2010

Today was a great day in Rome. After my first session in The History of Food, a few of us went out to the Villa Borghese. The best way I could describe this is the Central Park of Rome. In the center of the city there is a massive park with ponds, trails, trees and statues. We were really exhausted so we found a nice little spot of grass and took a brief nap.  
We returned to the Pantheon Institute and took a field trip down to the Gusto Lab. The Gusto Lab is a very modern/ chic wine tasting lab. Upon entering, we were greeted by the owner, Sonia, a very bold younger Italian entrepreneur. We entered the wine tasting room, which was able to accommodate all of us. We had a world class server, sommelier, who has credentials from professional resorts, and serving institutions. We tasted various wines and olive oils. We were instructed on presentation, matching, tasting, smelling, pouring, and even opening the bottle. This was very informative and we were able to taste some fine wine paired with delicious cheeses and breads. 
I was actually able to enjoy some of the red wines. I am usually a white wine person, and cannot drink many red wines, however, their wines had a great flavor and were very smooth to the tongue. I could get used to this. 

-G. Mario Ulibarri

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