Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First blog

Hello All!

So we had our ifrst day of class today, it is almost unreal that I am here. In order to get to our building where class is, I have get on the metro (have never done that before) our stop is called p'aza de spagna (sounds like espana like espanola) then we walk down cobblestone streets with scuh gorgeous architecture it is like looking at a movie! We have to pass the spanish steps on our right with this fountain in front of them. Then about five minutes later the trevi fountain is on our left, this is by far one of the prettiest things I ahve ever seen! As you look down into the pit of these fountains there are like 6 statues of gods and this water is shooting out ever so elegant, at night it brought a tear to my eye. They say if you throw two cois in this fountain and make a wish it will bring you luck and the love of your life will appear. After passing the fountain you pass the pantheon the oldest building in Rome. i have yet to see inside but just the outside alone is beautiful. The story behind this building is inside you see The great Julius Caeser (yes, caeser actually lived here!) Venus and tons of other gods. The translation of Pantheon means "house of gods", so like I said UNREAL! I have yet to see the colliseum and vatican city but did you know that is the smallest country in the world. In order to live in Vatican City you have to be associated with the Vatican or the Pope or something. (Talk about members only!)

The men here are gorgeous !!!!! So well kempt and the hair, its like a city full of Patrick Dempseys hahaha. But everything here (I mean the food) is natural and fresh, like they dont have the only fatty big macs, they use real cheese and you dont see any obese people here! Plus you walk everywhere. Their gelatto here is considered healthy to have everyday as a snack. ( who would have thought it would ever be considered healthy to eat so much ice cream!)

This has opened my eyes in a way I didnt think I could move them! I'm so lucky and fortunate to be doing this at 21! Im off to something else hope all is well!


  1. This was a nice summary about your first Rome experience.

  2. One tiny correction: Julius Caesar didn't actually live in the Pantheon. I enjoyed your description of the sights and sounds of Rome!