Sunday, June 6, 2010

2nd week into Roma! By Sarah Bryant

Hey All!

Im writing you two weeks into my amazing visit of Rome, Italy. Today we went to the tiniest country in the world with the population of 300!!!! (If you guessed Vatican City, you guessed right!) It was so amazing I cannot even find the words to explain it to you all. When we walked into St. Peter's Square it took my breath away and did not even care about the heat, the line, the cost of getting in ( although that one is not so true haha), the people screaming, nothing, just true peace. This place was almost magical it was weird how it had that affect on me. So the line is really long to get in but its all good because we just took pictures and absorbed the fact we were at the place where the Pope lives!

So we finally got in! Then there were more lines but we decided to climb the steps all the way to the top of the dome in St. Peters Basillica and wow I do not think I have ever seen so many steps! There were like 400 - 500 steps we were told but when we got to the top the view was to die for I have attached some pictures in this email for you to see. After that we went to the Vatican Museum and saw the Sistine Chappel and all I can say is WOW! I do not even know how Michelangelo was able to paint that it just was simply marvelous!

Thats all for now...
Sarah Bryant

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