Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adventures in Rome so far 6/09/2010

Living in Rome has been amazing so far! The first week my roommates and I visited many sites throughout the city. We took the tour of the Vatican, and I'm so happy we did. It was so surreal looking at the amazing art work and trying to grasp how important all the pieces were. Our tour guide was great, and the whole group learned a lot that day. We also went into the Basilica, and wandering around the square for the rest of the day.
The Colosseum was also a great experience.  We went inside and walked around reading all the facts about the history, and got to see what the Gladiators wore. Its crazy learning about the Colosseum in school, and watching so many movies based off it. To actually be there, and be able to say I saw the inside of the Colosseum is something I'm very thankful for.
I have also really enjoyed taking the Italian history and culture class. I did not know very much, if not anything really about Italy's culture and history. Learning about all the historical sites, and being able to go to them on our days off is incredible.
We have been in Rome for almost three weeks now, and time is flying!! My roommate and I only take the class on Monday (Italian History and Culture) so we are privledged to be able to go explore other parts of Italy, and it has been amazing so far!! So beautiful!

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