Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a trim... by Kyle McCracken

Being in Rome for a long period of time can show you just how simple your normal life routines can be in the U.S. Just the task of going to get your haircut is an easy, problem free event. I knew my hair grew fast but thought I could get through the six weeks in Europe with out getting a haircut, if I got one the day before I left. This was not the case as the three week mark approached and my hair was longer than it has been in a long time. I decided I would go get my haircut at a place we passed everyday on our way to school. I thought it would be simple to communicate that I wanted size two clippers on the sides and size four on the top using hand gestures if they did not speak English. They did not speak English and apparently do not have numbers associated with their clipper sizes. The barber made a gesture with his fingers on the length I may want and it looked good to me so I said yes. He then proceeded to shave my entire head with what I am guessing is a size 1 clipper back in the U.S. At this point I was nearly bald and had never had my hair that short before. It was a shock but not terrible and I have grown to like my new shorter hair style, especially due to not having to use gel and styling my hair everyday. I guess that is just what you get when your barber and you do not speak the same language.

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